Full electrical installations

RJW Electrical Ltd have extensive experience working alongside developers, project managers and building companies on many new installations both domestic and commercial. We are happy to work alongside other trades to ensure deadlines are met and work standards remain to the highest level.

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Electrical testing & inspection

All our installations are inspected during and upon completion to ensure compliance with BS7671 wiring regulations and electrical safety standards. Test results are recorded using fully fabricated electrical testing equipment and certificates issued to clients to completion of projects. All notifiable works are

Registered with NAPIT (trade association) and logged with local authorities when required.

Full electrical installations – domestically and commercial

EICR – Electrical Installation Condition Reports

The EICR is like an MOT, but for your electrical installation.  As we are all aware electricity can be dangerous.  These reports are designed to ensure the electrical installation is safe and can be used until the next inspection.

Types of condition report:

Visual inspection – The visual inspection does not include testing the installation and is only suitable if the installation has been tested within the last five years.

Full EICR is a thorough test & inspection of the installation designed to identify possible dangers such as damage to distribution equipment or faulty circuits or non-compliance issues.

Inspection & testing intervals

  • 10 years – owner-occupied home
  • 5 years – rentals & letting
  • 1 year – special installation locations, i.e. hot tubs, swimming pools.

RJW Electrical Ltd is a fully qualified and insured

Fuse boards (Consumer units)

Does your fuse board need upgrading?

If your fuse board is made of wood, cast iron or has rewireable fuses then there is a good chance that your building has old wiring.

As we use an ever-increasing number of electrical appliances in our homes a modern fuse board would be an essential upgrade to any electrical installation. An old fuse board would offer little to no protection from electrical shock, whereas a modern fuse board

Fitted with RCD’s, RCBO’s and SPD (Surge Protection Devices) would protect both you and your appliances’ from electrical faults.

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Need a quote on Electrical Services?

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Call us direct on: 0121 769 2679 / 07770 440 730